Neck Arthritis: What You Should Know

Feb 10, 2016

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Sometimes aging is a pain in the neck, literally.

Sometimes aging is a pain in the neck, literally. As individuals age, just about everyone experiences some degree of cervical vertebrae degeneration. Most doctors think the reason this is so common is because after many years of our relatively small neck bones holding up a 9 or 10 pound head, they just start to wear out. Some of the individuals who have severe cervical degeneration may end up developing neck arthritis. Some of the most common symptoms of neck arthritis include, chronic neck pain, difficulty maintaining balance, and a stiff neck.

Exercise Can Help

Many individuals instinctively stretch their neck to relieve the pain. However, although stretching may help to a degree, strength training has been found to lead to significant neck pain relief, regardless of the cause of the pain. The results tend to be even more considerable in women. One study found that one in four women reported “considerable” neck pain relief. You may find that your ability to move your neck up and down as well as side to side may also improve.

Stretching Can Help

Although not necessarily as effective as exercise, stretching can also help with chronic neck pain relief. Stretching can be most useful if done before and after exercising. This loosens your neck muscles and helps with flexibility, reducing the odds of injuring yourself while exercising. Stretching after exercising can also help reduce muscle aches the next day.

Exercise Tips

  • Stretch before and after exercising
  • Start out easy and do few repetitions, as you get better at the exercises increase the frequency and repetitions on a weekly basis.
  • Exercise your neck on a daily basis
  • Try stretching before and after going to bed. This can help prevent morning neck stiffness caused by neck arthritis.

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