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29Sep, 2017

3 Methods for Coping with Chronic Sciatica

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Sciatica pain is a catch-all term for feeling discomfort that starts from your lower back and runs down to one or both of your legs. Pain does not have to radiate through your whole leg to classify as sciatica; it can localize (often with higher intensity) at places like the foot, calf, or hamstring. Sometimes the symptoms can occur in multiple locations at once. When sciatica is chronic, it means the pain does not go away over time and is usually severe enough to cause a crippling level of discomfort. […]

20Jan, 2017

Symptoms to Watch Out for After a Car Accident

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Car accidents, whether major or not, are awful experiences. Because everyone handles a vehicle collision differently, it can be difficult to determine whether you experienced a dangerous injury or not. Untreated, injuries from a car crash can lead to serious back pain after several days or weeks. Even if you don’t feel any symptoms after a car crash, you should always o get checked out by a doctor who may recommend some form of physical therapy to help your body heal. If you feel any of the following symptoms, you […]

8Sep, 2016

September is Pain Awareness Month

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In 2001, the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) declared and ran the first Pain Awareness Month in September. Since then, the tradition has carried on every year, raising awareness for different types of pain that we experience daily. The purpose of Pain Awareness Month is not only to help the general public realize how widespread general pain is, but to educate on what to do with pain, as well as help raise funds for curing different types of pain. It is a unified movement to improve treatments and relax the […]

Signs of Chronic Pain
25Aug, 2016

Signs That You May Have Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can seriously impact your daily life, ruining the moments that should be enjoyable or relaxing. Even though there are about 25.3 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there is still a group of people who believe that it doesn’t actually exist, and as a result diagnosing your pain as chronic can be a difficult task. While you should never diagnose yourself with any condition – it is always best to consult an experienced doctor – if you believe you are experiencing chronic pain, here are some of the following […]

Do Massage Chairs Help Back Pain
15Aug, 2016

Do Massage Chairs Help Ease Back Pain?

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Whether you see them in the mall, or have one at home, massage chairs are normally seen as luxury items that don’t accomplish much besides a fun rumble. While this may be true for some poorly designed massage chairs, most actually do have the ability to relax your back pain. When you can’t go out for an expert massage, an electronic substitute can do just as well, and for a lower price! Below are some ways a massage chair can help ease back pain.

How is Slouching Bad For Your Health
10Aug, 2016

3 Different Ways in Which Slouching is Bad for You

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There’s a reason why your family made sure you sat up straight at the dinner table. While it’s no secret that slouching can be bad for you, the extent to which it affects your overall health is surprising. Many people reading this post right now will most likely be leaning their head towards the screen, shoulders rolled forward, adding an extra 20 pounds of stress to your spinal column. Slouching like this can cause some damage to your body and introduce chronic pain in the long run. Slouching Can Hurt […]

Chronic back pain
1Aug, 2016

Vertebral Compression Fractures – Causes & Symptoms

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Typically a compression fracture happens when a part of an individual bone in the spine called a vertebra becomes highly compressed usually due to some accident or trauma. If the compression is severe enough, the vertebra itself may fracture. These types of fractures are most common in the lumbar vertebrae as they are typically the vertebrae which support the most pressure. In some cases, a vertebral compression fracture can be caused by something other than trauma such as osteoporosis. A vertebral compression fracture can be very painful and result in […]

20Jul, 2016

Ways to Deal With Chronic Pain (Other Than Medication)

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Chronic pain medication can be highly valuable for individuals who need it. However, there are other things you can do to reduce your chronic pain without necessarily increasing your dosage of pain medication. In some cases, these tips may even help you be able to lower your medication dosage. This can result in fewer side effects as well as less pain. Learn Meditation & Deep Breathing Meditation and deep breathing once or twice a day can help individuals relax, relieve stress, and even ease chronic pain. Of course, simple meditation […]

outdoor activities
29Jun, 2016

Outdoor Activities for Relieving Stress & Pain

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Exercise of just about any type can help with stress relief. In addition, certain exercises and stretches can help with reducing certain types of pain such as back pain. Here are some of the top outdoor activities that may help lower your stress and relieve your chronic pain. Walking The great thing about walking is that it can be done almost anywhere and without any specialized or expensive equipment. Walking can also be done by just about anyone in any age group and at any level of fitness. As you […]

Woman with cat
22Jun, 2016

Can Pets Help You Cope With Chronic Pain?

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Believe it or not, there have been studies which have found a link between a reduction in patient-reported chronic pain and pet ownership. In addition, owning a pet can help reduce the likelihood that suffering from chronic pain will lead to depression. Research shows that depression is more likely to occur after long periods of chronic pain. Pets can serve a role in promoting mental health for chronic pain sufferers. They Help Serve As a Distraction One of the biggest problems with chronic pain is that many individuals focus solely […]