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17May, 2017

How Long-term Chronic Pain Can Affect a Person

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Chronic pain is experienced by millions of Americans and their pain isn’t always diagnosed as chronic; this can create a lifetime of inaccurate treatment that yields little progress. Regularly, someone will slam their foot against the corner of the table. The resulting pain is considered “acute pain” and naturally subsides after a short time. What happens when that pain never goes away? That may then be considered a case of chronic pain. A long-lasting intense pain that never subsides. How would that affect a person’s life or mindset?

3Nov, 2016

Why Your Back Pain May be From Vertebral Compression Fractures

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When doing research for your back pain, you may be seeing the phrase vertebral compression fracture showing up often. For those of us who aren’t very familiar with spinal health, this phrase can come off as some sort of confusing medical jargon. That’s because a vertebral compression fracture is usually a cause for many types of back pain. Let’s break down what this phrase actually means, how it occurs, and how it’s connected to your back pain. The Basics: Your Spine The curve and flexibility of your back is largely […]

8Sep, 2016

September is Pain Awareness Month

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In 2001, the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) declared and ran the first Pain Awareness Month in September. Since then, the tradition has carried on every year, raising awareness for different types of pain that we experience daily. The purpose of Pain Awareness Month is not only to help the general public realize how widespread general pain is, but to educate on what to do with pain, as well as help raise funds for curing different types of pain. It is a unified movement to improve treatments and relax the […]

Signs of Chronic Pain
25Aug, 2016

Signs That You May Have Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can seriously impact your daily life, ruining the moments that should be enjoyable or relaxing. Even though there are about 25.3 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there is still a group of people who believe that it doesn’t actually exist, and as a result diagnosing your pain as chronic can be a difficult task. While you should never diagnose yourself with any condition – it is always best to consult an experienced doctor – if you believe you are experiencing chronic pain, here are some of the following […]