Pain After Knee Surgery

In some cases, individuals who suffer from chronic knee pain and have tried other treatment options without success, have no choice but to get knee surgery. For most patients, knee surgery is successful and can help reduce or eliminate their knee pain. There are several types of knee surgeries ranging from arthroscopy and partial knee replacement to osteotomy and total knee replacement. There are also surgeries designed to specifically treat the cartilage in the knee. These typically involve transplanting healthy cartilage cells into the area of the knee which is the source of the problem.

Overall, knee surgery is safe and effective. For example, a total knee replacement surgery (TKR) has, on average, a 93% rate of pain relief and only about a 2% complication rate. In most cases, a replaced knee can be satisfactory for over two decades.

Nevertheless, complications are always a possibility. Even those who have had a successful knee surgery may still feel knee pain on occasion (although less than before the surgery). Having knee pain after knee surgery is a real possibility.

Chronic knee pain is a swelling, pain, or sensitivity of the knee that can last for many months or even years. There are many conditions which can be the cause of chronic knee pain and knee surgery may not always completely solve the problem. Some patients are still advised to speak with a knee pain doctor even after they’ve had a successful knee surgery.

At Garden State Pain Control, we specialize in treating patients who suffer from knee pain after having knee surgery. Our team of top rated pain physicians has spent years working in New Jersey and helping patients with knee pain regain their function. Knee pain can often times prevent patients from doing their favorite activities like riding a bike, traveling, and even just walking in the park. That’s why our New Jersey knee pain doctors care so deeply about patients who suffer from knee pain after knee surgery.

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