New Jersey Hip Pain Doctors

Persistent hip pain can have a very serious effect on one’s daily life. For example, hip pain can make it difficult to stand for too long, get out of a chair, and do many different physical activities. That’s why here at Garden State Pain Control we are dedicated to helping individuals who suffer from hip pain in New Jersey ease their pain and live more comfortably. Our New Jersey hip pain doctors are some of the most experienced around.

Our hip pain doctors have the credentials and experience necessary to help treat nearly any type of hip pain, regardless of the cause. Dr. Binod Sinha is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine from the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Neil Sinha is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, and Dr. Ismail Alhamrawy is board certified in physical medicine, rehab, and pain medicine. Their combined 50+ years of experience treating all types of pain, including hip pain, make them the ideal doctors for patients who suffer from hip pain in New Jersey.

The hip pain doctors at Garden State Pain Control will make sure to figure out what is causing your hip pain and how best to treat it. We already have several procedures that may be able to help you with your hip pain. These procedures may include, a piriformis muscle injection, sacroiliac joint steroid injection, greater trochanter injection, and more.

Hip pain may be caused by a variety of different things and may present itself differently depending on its specific cause. For example, you may feel discomfort in your thigh, buttocks, and inside/outside your hip joint Depending on the specific cause of the hip pain and the specific location of the pain, the proper treatment may vary. The only way to get an accurate diagnosis is by seeing a New Jersey hip pain doctor.

If you are suffering from hip pain in New Jersey and you are looking for a hip pain doctor who can help, contact Garden State Pain Control by calling (973) 777-0304 to make an appointment. Our mission is to ease your pain.

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