Other Injuries that Can Lead to Back Pain

Age makes us more vulnerable to injuries that can cause back conditions. There are certain actions to stay wary of due to their known high rates of back pain. While you should not live in fear and stop these tasks altogether, if you are inconvenienced due to chronic pain that won’t go away, it may be attributable to any of the following events.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall can happen at any time in most settings. They can occur on a slippery sidewalk, a wet floor at the supermarket, or untied shoes. Although the pain from a slip and fall can usually be walked off and healed when we are younger, they become more dangerous as we move into our senior years. Some people who experience a slip and fall may be under so much lower back pain that they can’t get back up by themselves. A slip and fall can lead to strained muscles, spinal fractures, disc herniations, and more. If back pain persists for up to six weeks after your slip and fall, you should look for a diagnosis on your symptoms from a medical expert.

Sports Injuries

Due to their highly active nature, any sport can lead to some amount of injury. The most common sports that tend to lead to back pain include weightlifting, bicycling, golf, tennis, and contact sports like football. Depending on the sport, you may feel pain focused to one area. For example, sports with repetitive motions like golf, weightlifting, and running can damage the lower back. Contact sports usually put the cervical spine (which supports your neck) at risk for injury. The thoracic spine (located around the middle of your body) is the least likely to experience injury from sports, but muscle strains or rib fractures from constant torso rotation can occur in skiing and swimming. Remember to stretch before and after any physical activity.


While these are the more common causes of back pain, they do not encompass the broad range of injuries that may have led to your condition. Car accidents, for example, are in their own category when discussing the back pain symptoms they may bring. When you’re trying to find the right treatment for your chronic pain, a medical expert can provide you with the knowledge you need to help. Contact us at Garden State Pain Center in New Jersey to set an appointment with our doctors who specialize in pain treatments.

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