Nerve Injuries

Nerves carry signals from your brain to the rest of your body. One may think of them as electrical wires that bring energy to a neighborhood, with the brain as the power plant. These types of messages may include signals to make muscles in your arms move, letting you know a part of your body is under pressure or sending a pain signal to indicate that something is wrong. Much like any wire, nerves are fragile. Stretching, cutting, and constant pressure can damage them.

If a nerve is cut, then the internal wire of that nerve may break, but not the protective layer surrounding it. Your brain may not receive any more signals from the part of the body where the cut happened. If the nerve is under constant pressure, then the nerve is constantly sending pain signals, which may be a cause of the chronic pain you are experiencing. While it is possible for your nerves to repair themselves with enough time, the pain or numbness you may be feeling from the nerve injury could be interfering with your daily tasks.

Several treatment options exist for nerve injuries. Physical therapy is a treatment meant to keep your joints flexible. When your joints are too stiff, they may not work even if your muscles begin to receive nerve signals again. If you allow a nerve to recover by itself, the brain may need to be “taught” how to make use of the nerve again. Doing so can help with improving feeling in the affected area. Surgical options are also available for nerve injuries.

There are several reasons as to why a nerve injury may occur. Spinal conditions such as disc herniations often put pressure on nerves that cause back pain. Older patients may be more liable for these types of injuries as their spine begins to degenerate. To truly determine the cause of your pain, you need the opinion of a certified pain expert. The doctors at Garden State Pain are certified in treating many pain fields, with over 50 years of combined experience. Contact one of our New Jersey offices today to schedule an appointment.

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