Electrodiagnosis Testing

When it comes to practicing pain medicine, diagnosing the causes of chronic pain is oftentimes the most difficult part. Electrodiagnosis testing is one tool pain physicians can use to find the root cause of a patient’s chronic pain.


How it Works


Pain is caused by electrical signals created by nerves and muscles in your body which are then sent to your brain and interpreted as pain. There are a variety of injuries or conditions which have been known to alter or slow the movement of these electrical signals. Electrodiagnosis testing works by measuring the speed and degree of electrical signals coming from a specific muscle or group of muscles in your body. The test can be completed in under an hour and can help doctors diagnose the problem.


What it Can Diagnose


Electrodiagnosis testing is most frequently used to accurately find and determine any injuries to nerves or nerve roots. It can also be used to diagnose a variety of diseases to nerves or muscles. However, electrodiagnosis testing can’t be used to determine the extent or severity of pain, it only helps as a diagnostic tool. Patients may still feel symptoms of chronic pain even if electrodiagnosis testing has shown no sign of nerve or muscle damage.


What is it Used for?


The test is most commonly used to evaluate unexplained symptoms including muscle weakness, numbness, and pain. It can also help doctors distinguish between legitimate weakness and reduced use caused by pain.


Types of Electrodiagnostic Testing


Electromyography (EMG)


Electromyography is used in cases where the patient experiences general unexplained weakness or pain and doctors must distinguish whether a muscle disorder begins with the muscle itself or is actually caused by an underlying nerve disorder.


Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)


This test measures the speed at which electrical impulses in your body move along a nerve. Usually it is done alongside an electromyography test in order to exclude or identify a muscle disorder.


If you are suffering from a general unexplained weakness, numbness, tingling, or chronic pain, electrodiagnosis testing may help find the cause. To speak with a board-certified New Jersey pain doctor right away contact Garden State Pain Control at (973) 777-0304.